Men Dressing “Like a Woman”

Men wearing dresses



Let’s conveniently note that the woman teacher is wearing pants.

Let’s wonder if a woman wearing that dress would have “too much cleavage.”

Let’s question if a guy can even have cleavage.

Let’s now picture him wearing a loose jersey that I’ve seen much too often for my own preferences. I’ve seen guys walking around schools in those and they never got escorted out.

men dressing like a womanIggy, I’m not sure who you are, but I kind of love you.

My favorite picture is him on the right, by the way. I just love the way he frolics.


2 thoughts on “Men Dressing “Like a Woman”

  1. hyenazine says:

    Have you read any books by Jessica Valenti? She discusses our society’s fear and hatred for anything feminine. Many of the words we use to insult others are feminine — “bitch,” “pussy,” “cunt,” “whiny, little girl,” etc. It’s really frightening that our society equates being a woman with being weak and cowardly, yet saying someone “has balls” means s/he is courageous, which in reality makes no sense. As Betty White said, “Balls are weak and sensitive. If you want to be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.” The man in the photos is Iggy Pop from the Stooges. He’s a pretty scholastic guy; I wish all musicians were as progressive as he is.

    • Yes! I have read Jessica Valenti! I have Full Frontal Feminism in my room right now. I loved that book. That was basically the start of my journey into feminism and gender studies. And I totally love that Betty White quote. I love her, she is so awesome, and she’s right! Kick a guy in the balls and kick a girl in the crotch and lets see who walks it off the quickest.
      And you are right about the insults. The worst thing you can call a girl is a bitch, and the worst thing you can call a guy is a bitch. It’s the same with clothes. It’s okay for a girl to dress like a tomboy (because she’s trying to be like a guy, sh’e trying to take more power, and that’s impressive), however, if a guy dresses or acts more like a girl, he’s a sissy and that’s bad (because he’s giving up power to be a girl and that’s weak and pathetic.) And as I type this out, it occurs to me that our society seems to have a love affair with power. We don’t want to be kind, or friendly, we want to be powerful.

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