Bellatrix Lestrange a Feminist!

Yes, that psychopath we all love to hate, Bellatrix Lestrange, sister to Narcissa, murderer of a one notorious mass-murderer Sirius Black, slayer of Dobby, lover of Voldy, escapee of Azkaban, collector of figurine elephants and people’s souls, is a strong woman figure.

Bellatrix Lestrange Wanted Poster

You can’t deny it. Yes, she’s evil. Yes, she’s wicked. And bat-shit crazy. But damn, she’s fabulous.

Bellatrix LestrangeShe’s determined.

She’s capable of tremendous loyalty.

She’s clever. Resourceful.

She’s prepared to die for what she believes in.

She’s powerful and influential in a male-dominated society, the Death Eaters.

She pushes back against society. Sure, that society is Hogwarts and the good people, and the changes she wants is purebloods over equality, so there’s that. So not so feminist or egalitarian there. But still.

I found a couple people online disputing this. These people shall remain nameless, but here are my responses:

 s—o says: she also had to fight in a sparkly dress and heels and curled hair, because women can’t wear normal fighting clothes.

Bitch, please. She is fabulous. She is fighting people left and right and looking fantastic while doing it. That has nothing to do with feminism. She doesn’t have to walk around in sweats and a baseball cap.

t—k says: she depnded on a man to rescue her from Azkaban. if she was so strong she would have escaped herself.

It’s Azkaban! What do you expect?? She can’t just be like “Okay guys, it’s been fun, but I think I’m gonna leave now! Kthxbye.” Bellatrix did not depend on a man to rescue her. She had no intention of being rescued.

y—t says: why did a woman kill her? a man can’t kill her because that would be to rude. a woman should only be killed by another woman. thats anti feminist!

*headdesk* Yeah, it’s totally rude. Before a man kills a woman, he has to lay his coat down on the ground for her to collapse upon.
Molly was protecting her daughter. I’m sorry Molly doesn’t have testicles or something.

All of you.. just… all of you…

This is my exasperation towards all of you.

This is my exasperation towards you.

Mrs. Lovett… Feminist or Not?

If you have not seen Sweeney Todd, stop reading now. Spoilers are going to squirt out of me like fake blood out of a Tim Burton movie.

And for those of you who have….

Even though Mrs. Lovett is completely discombobulated, thinking murder and cannibalism are valid ways of doing business, she is a strong woman. And though I don’t necessarily recommend using her as a role model (scratch that, please do not use her as a role model), I do think she’s rather magnificent. So here is my list of why Mrs. Lovett is one badass chick:

  1. She’s clever and resourceful. Once Todd decides he’s going to murder a whole bunch of people, Mrs. Lovett finds the perfect out—using the bodies as filling for her delicious meat pies. It’s clean, economical, practical, and appropriate. Feed the low class, get rid of the bad guys. A win-win for everyone, really. (Well, except everyone else. This blog does not support cannibalism. Most likely. It’s good to keep your options open.)
  2. She runs her own business, a thriving one at that by the end, all pretty much on her own. Building up her shop from the worst pies in London to a packed full house takes both skill and strength. And cunning. Definitely cunning. 
  3. She’s an equal partner with Todd. Yes, she is in just as deep as him, in terms of responsibility and power. Even though she’s not slitting throats, she’s still slicing and dicing just the same. Equal power, equal responsibility.
  4. She pushes boundaries of society in order to gleam some sort of equality. For once, the upper class is feeding the lower class, instead of the other way around.